Kaimahi kaiwhakaora

Occupational Therapist

Job Description

Occupational Therapists specialise in assessing a patient who may be ill, injured, or disabled, and helping them regain skills by providing therapy and support. They will also carry out workplace or home safety assessments, as well as progress reports, to ensure there are correct changes to their client’s lifestyles to help them adapt to their daily lives and activities.


Depending on the location of work and experience, a qualified occupational therapist can earn between $58,000 – $92,000 per year.

Work Hours

An occupational therapist’s hours are dependent on their contract, possibly including irregular hours, nights, and weekends.

Study length

Becoming an occupational therapist requires 3 years of training.

To become an Occupational Therapist you need to:

Complete a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Occupational Therapy, or Bachelor of Occupational Health
Have a current Annual Practicing Certificate.
Complete and register through the Occupational Therapy Board of New Zealand.

A few specialised roles an Occupational Therapist could work in:

Geriatrics to Paediatrics
Mental Health
Critical Care
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