Kaimahi kaipai


Job Description

Dietitians specialise in understanding and designing nutrient programmes that will help their patients and communities gain a healthier wellbeing. They counsel and guide them about diets, food, and nutrition.


A qualified dietitian can earn an estimated $58,000+ per year.

Work Hours

Oftentimes, dieticians work 40 hours a week, on normal business hours (unless working privately or in a hospital).

Study length

Becoming a dietitian requires 5 years of training

To become a Dietitian, you need to:

Complete a Bachelor of Science with specific nutrition based major.
Complete a Masters degree in dietetics, or nutrition and dietetics.
Complete and register through the New Zealand Dietitians Board.

A few specialised roles a Dietitian could work in:

Sports Nutrition
Private Practices
Community and Public Health
Medical Nutrition Therapy Services

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