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Advocating for better health outcomes for all those who live and work in rural communities is fundamental to who we are.

Hauora Taiwhenua is proud of our reputation for being a credible, solution focused voice of rural health, for, with, and on behalf of our members, and the rural communities they live in, and care for.

Our advocacy work spans a wide range of issues, and takes many forms ranging from large, in person hui, to one or two of our members or staff participating in representative forums or advisory groups.


Hear what our Clinical Director has been up to!

Advocating for better health outcomes for all those who live and work in rural communities is fundamental to who we are. Find below for some video updates from Dr Jeremy Webber, our Clinical Director Rural Health, for some of the work he has been involved in of late.

Marie Daly
GM Advocacy



Briefing to the Incoming Ministers

The newly elected government will have an impact on how we respond to, and advocate for, rural priorities. Our Briefing to the Incoming Ministers (BIM) includes a 20-point action plan that our members told us need to be addressed if we are to improve the health outcomes of rural communities.

The Coalition Government has released its 100-day plan! We are disappointed to see that only 1/49 actions will have an impact on the dire state of rural health services. Stay up to date with our progress on the 20 actions you, our members, asked the Coalition Government to address! Link to our ‘live’ update (under construction)

Tracking progress on our "Briefing to the Incoming Ministers" 20 Point Action Plan

The first Rural Caucus event is planned for 7th May 2024, with Hauora Taiwhenua Council members and Rural Communities Chapter members.

Mobile Health’s Surgical Unit will also be on the Parliament forecourt.

Te Whatu Ora & NGO rural hospitals workshop planned for March 1st, to workshop rural hospital sustainability.

NGO rural hospitals and general practices who provide medical services in their co-located Te Whatu Ora hospital have asked that the financial and clinical risks they face be addressed because their funding does not allow them to achieve pay parity for their clinical staff.

National Prime Commitee facilitating PRIME workshop on Thursday 4th April 2024 at the National Rural Health Conference, with review as key agenda item.


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