Te Whare Taumata o Ngā Tauira Taiwhenua O Aotearoa

Students of Rural Health Aotearoa

Te Whare Taumata o Ngā Tauira Taiwhenua O Aotearoa represents the future of rural health in Aotearoa. 

About Us

Te Whare Taumata o Ngā Tauira Taiwhenua O Aotearoa provide a diverse, representative voice for students interested in improving health and wellbeing outcomes for all rural communities. 

Our aim is to promote rural health careers to tertiary and pre-tertiary students expressing an interest in studying towards a career in rural health. 

Our work involves engaging with schools, tertiary education institutions, rural communities, Māori communities, and the rural health workforce, to form important relationships for the benefit of current and future tertiary students.  

We advocate for rural students, particularly rural Māori students, to ensure tertiary institutions continue to utilise policies and entry pathways that produce an equitable health workforce for current and future rural communities.  

You do not need to be from a rural community to assist us in our mahi within Hauora Taiwhenua, just passionate in providing equitable health outcomes to rural communities by inspiring the next generation of health professionals.


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Executive Committee

Kate Dunstall

Non-Māori Co-Chair

Harrison Edwards

Māori Co-Chair

Angel Harbers

Hauora Māori Representative

Tatila Helu

Hauora Māori Representative

Eamon Walsh

North Island Rural School Community Visit Representative

Estelle Arundell

South Island Rural School Community Visit Representative

Hugo Cordue

Media/Communications Representative

Daniel Lavin

Media/Communications Representative

William Bramley

Outreach Representative

Lizzi Johnson

Outreach Representative

Hylton Briscoe


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