Kaihangarau Haurehu

Anaesthetic Technician

Job Description

An essential member of any operating theatre or perioperative department, anaesthetic technicians help with procedures or surgery that requires an anaesthetic intervention. This can involve placing tubes in patients’ arms (intravenous cannulation), placing breathing tubes into the trachea (airway intubation support), airway management, patient monitoring such as ECG (monitoring the electrical activity of the heart) and resuscitation.


A qualified anaesthetic technician can earn an estimated $86000+ per year.

Work Hours

Anaesthetic technicians often work shifts, including evening, nights and weekends if desired.

Study length

Becoming an anaesthetic technician required 3 years of training.

To become an Anaesthetic Technician, you need to:

Complete a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in perioperative practice.
Complete and Register through the NZ Anaesthetic Association Society and Medical Sciences Council of NZ

A few specialised roles Anaesthetic Technicians could work in:

Post-Anaesthetic Care (Patient Recovery)
Advanced Cannulation
Resuscitation Teams
Simulation Training and Education
Management and Leadership

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