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Job Description

A pharmacist is a medical professional that specialises in the preparation and dispensing of prescribed medication, as well as giving advice about the patient’s medication, medical conditions and the administration of vaccinations.


Depending on the location of work and experience, a qualified pharmacist can earn between $58,000-86,000 per year.

Work Hours

Pharmacists work longer business hours during the weekdays, with some odd shifts on weekends.

Study Length

Becoming a pharmacist requires 5 years of training.

To become a pharmacist, you need to:

Complete the Health Sciences First Year course.
Complete a Bachelor of Pharmacy.
Complete a one-year internship.
Register with the New Zealand Pharmacy Council.

A few specialised roles a pharmacist could work in:

Community Pharmacist - at hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, universities, etc
Pharmacy Prescriber- can examine and prescribe medication to patients.

Checkout studying pharmacy at Auckland University and Otago University:

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