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Job Description

Psychologists are health professionals who specialise in diagnosing and offering treatment to help prevent a range of psychological issues that affect their patients’ mental health. Psychologists could work with individual patients or work with groups and organisations.


A psychologist earns between $56,000- $125,000 a year, depending on experience level.

Work Hours

Oftentimes psychologists work normal business hours during the weekdays, with some odd shifts on weekends or evenings.

Study length

Becoming a psychologist requires 6 – 7 years of training.

To become a psychologist, you need to:

Complete a Bachelors degree in related health focus course.
Complete a Masters in Psychology
Complete 1,500 hours of supervised, approved, and evaluated practice by the New Zealand Psychologists Board
Complete and register through the New Zealand Psychologists Board.

A few specialised roles a psychologist could work in:

Educational and Developmental – working with students with learning difficulties
Forensic – assess and research with legal and criminal patients
Organisational – wellbeing in the workforce

Checkout what it’s like to study Psychology at some of the schools in New Zealand:

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