Kaimahi Hapori

Social Worker

Job Description

Social workers are specialists that provide wide range of support for people with social or personal problems and help with community issues. They talk to and help people make decisions when they are having varying crisis’, while also helping them find benefits or accommodation when needed.


A qualified social work can earn an estimated $53,000 to $72,000 a year.

Job Opportunities

Social workers may specialise in roles such as: Youth Work, Maori Community, Elderly, Drug or Alcohol Addiction, community development, violence prevention, mental health, disability.

Study length

To become a social worker, you need

A completed Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Applied Social work, or Bachelor of Bicultural Social Work
To be registered with the Social Workers Registration Board
Be in accordance with The Vulnerable Children Act 2014

To become a social worker, you need

Youth work
Māori Community
Drug or Alcohol Addiction
Community development
Violence prevention
Mental health