Job Description

A Registered Nurse is a professional that is responsible for supporting physicians in treating and caring for their sick, disabled or injured patients. You will assess and monitor patients’ conditions, administer medication and advise patients on how to best manage their health.


A graduated Registered Nurse earns $60,00 a year or with three to seven years’ experience $68,000 to $83,000

Job Opportunities

A registered nursed could also specialise in roles such as: Aged Care Nurse, Community Health Nurse, Critical Care and Emergency Nurse, Mental Health and Addiction Nurse, Perioperative Nurse, Plunket Nurse, and Practice Nurse

Study length

Becoming a Registered Nurse requires 3 – 7 years of training.

To become a Registered nurse, you need:

A completed Bachelor of Nursing, or other Level 7 or 8 qualification approved by the nursing council of NZ
Have passed an assessment by an approved provider
Have passed a nursing council of New Zealand examination for registered nurses
Be in accordance with The Vulnerable Children Act 2014

To become a Registered nurse, you need:

Aged Care Nurse
Critical Care and Emergency Nurse
Practice Nurse
Community Health Nurse
Plunket Nurse
Mental Health and Addiction Nurse
Preoperative Nurse