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Job Description

A physiotherapist is a health professional that specialises in assisting patients in preventing loss of and/or regaining physical movement, whether from an injury, disability, or a health condition. This is through assessing and diagnosing the patient’s ailment, then planning exercise to improve the issue.


A qualified physiotherapist can earn an estimated $58,000+ per year.

Work Hours

Physiotherapists usually work 40 hours a week, which may include weekends or on-call duty.

Study length

Becoming a physiotherapist requires 4 years of training.

To become a Physiotherapist, you need to:

Complete a Bachelor of Physiotherapy / Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Physiotherapy
Complete and register through the Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand

A few specialised roles a physiotherapist could work in:

Sport Injuries
Occupational Health
Neurology – nervous system disorders
Musculoskeletal – bones and connective tissue issues
Working with elderly

Want to see Physiotherapy in action?

Meet Sarah Walker, a Rural Physiotherapist and Physiotherapy Clinical Lead at Dunstan Hospital. She is passionate about living rurally in Alexandra and the opportunity it gives her to work closely with her community – ‘her people’.

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