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Hauora Taiwhenua Health and Wellbeing Hub


Exhibitors and visitors travel from around the globe to attend the Mystery Creek Fieldays. It bursts with like-minded people wanting to advance agriculture through innovation, education, and globalisation.

Over the 4-day event, 40,000 visitors and around 50 different organisations work together in the Hauora Taiwhenua Health & Wellbeing Hub.

The Hub is a key destination for farmers and their whanau.  With busy schedules, geographical remoteness, and challenges of accessing health care, the Hub offers the opportunity for an annual health and wellbeing check-up.  Within the Hub, visitors can access health advice and support such as hearing checks, blood sugar readings, skin cancer checks, mental health checks and more.

Our Hub has become well-known for its friendly welcome, supportive free health check services and an annual opportunity for a bit of self-care.

Student Support

Our participation in this fantastic event, relies on our amazing team of Health Navigators that is made up of enthusiastic medical, nursing and allied health students and experienced rural GPs and nurses.

Supported by the Hauora Taiwhenua Health and Wellbeing Hub event team and with a passion for rural health care, our volunteers are encouraged to talk with people visiting the Hub, ask about their health and wellbeing, help them find the information they need to answer their questions, and know how to follow up on the issues themselves when they get home.  They are open listeners and enthusiastic conversationalists who thrive on being one of the team at the most unique rural health experiences on offer.

We would like to invite you to join our team.

We are looking for a wide range of tertiary students studying a variety of health disciplines from tertiary institutes around Aotearoa New Zealand.

If you want to join us for any or all of the 4 days of this event, learning and engaging not only with other health professionals and organisations at the Hub but also connecting with rural whanau, register your interest now.

What do the volunteers do?

This dynamic team play a key role in the smooth running of the Hub. From welcoming visitors into the Hub, helping them complete Health and Wellbeing Check forms, being a point of care for testing and other resources, helping the other exhibitors, and anything else that crops up.

Watch this video of Samantha Tait, a 5th-year medical student who talks about her role as a Health Navigator and helps a visitor find his way around the Health Hub.

One of the important roles that our Health Navigators play is talking about their choice of health career, how they got there, and their experience along the way.  They share their story with the many rural youth visitors to the Fieldays and in doing so, help us develop the rural health workforce of the future.

Why should you get involved?

Fieldays is a great opportunity for all health students to get involved with the rural health sector.

  • You will work alongside and be mentored by health professionals.
  • You will make professional contacts.
  • You will meet fellow students and make new friends.
  • You will gain confidence in having conversations that help to identify health issues and provide information and advice about where to go for help.
  • You will be the one who demystifies medical jargon.
  • You will gain real and vital skills that will support you in your studies and career pathway.
  • And, during your spare time, you can explore the event, get involved with participating in competitions, programmes, and stalls – and have a heap of fun doing so!

If you are a current health student and want to hear more about volunteering for the event, contact Marie Daly, GM Advocacy:

Or if you are ready to roll, use the link below to register your interest today to join us at the Mystery Creek Fieldays 2023.

Want to get involved?

To volunteer for the 2024 Fieldays event, use this link to register your interest:

Learn more

Visit the Fieldays Health & Wellbeing page to read more about the event and our hub: