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A role based in the rural town of Reefton has a short-term availability starting on May 20, 2024, and concluding on August 18, 2024. The role entails working 8 – 10 sessions per week, with no on-call or PRIME work involved. Additionally, the practice offers compensation ranging from $500.00 to $750.00 per session, and relocation, accommodation, and vehicle assistance are available if needed.


Reefton, nestled in the rugged Buller Gorge on New Zealand’s South Island, is a historic town renowned for its rich gold mining heritage and stunning natural beauty. Known as the “Town of Light,” it was the first place in the Southern Hemisphere to have electric street lighting.

Surrounded by lush native forests and the rugged Southern Alps, Reefton offers a picturesque setting for outdoor adventures. The Inangahua River provides opportunities for fishing and kayaking, while nearby Victoria Conservation Park offers hiking trails through pristine wilderness.

The town’s historic charm is evident in its well-preserved buildings, including the restored Victorian architecture of Broadway. The Reefton Distillery, housed in a former bank building, offers tours and tastings of its artisanal spirits.

Reefton is a hub for heritage tourism, with attractions such as the Black’s Point Museum and the Miners’ Hut providing insights into the town’s gold mining past.

With its combination of natural beauty and historical significance, Reefton is a captivating destination for those seeking adventure and exploration in the heart of New Zealand’s West Coast.

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