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NZ-Based Nurse Practitioners

NZLocums & NZMedjobs offers roles for New Zealand-based Nurse Practitioners in some of our beautiful rural and urban towns throughout New Zealand.

We offer locum, long-term, and permanent positions for Nurse Practitioners wanting to look for a change of scenery. With the numerous locations available in both rural and urban areas, there’s no doubt we will find something that suits you and your lifestyle. Because we are endorsed and funded by the New Zealand Government, we do not charge placement fees to rural practices.

What type of work is available?


Working as a locum provides you with an opportunity to travel and experience life in different locations and communities. It also offers you the flexibility to work when you want to.

Long Term

We can provide long term placements anywhere from 6 months to 12 months in some of our beautiful locations throughout the country, depending on what suits you best. Long term placements give you security but also allow you the freedom to move around more frequently.


If you’re looking for a permanent role, we can help you find the right role in the location that suits you and your interests best.


Working as a Nurse Practitioner in rural New Zealand has so much to offer. Nurse Practitioners are highly valued in rural communities and are a vital part of the rural health workforce. The rural lifestyle and slower pace of life is appealing to many and working as a rural locum is a wonderful way of discovering remote and beautiful parts of New Zealand. If you are taking up a permanent position, you can match where you work with your lifestyle interests.


If you are looking to live and work in a small urban setting close to mountains, forests, beaches, lakes to pursue the outdoor lifestyle we have the jobs for you. If you prefer the creature comforts that city life brings, we have these jobs as well. Our NZMedJobs team works with practices located across New Zealand. Whether you are looking to work in a small urban town close to the great outdoors or in a large metropolitan centre we can find the locum experience you are looking for.

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