Nga Waahanga o naianei



A lovely small practice in Pukekohe is currently looking for a general practitioner (GP) to join their team! The role is available now and concludes on the 11th of May 2025.

For the role you will be working 8 sessions per week with no on-call, PRIME or hospital duties involved.


Pukekohe, located in the Auckland Region of New Zealand’s North Island, is a vibrant town known for its rich agricultural heritage, motorsport events, and growing residential community. Situated about 50 kilometers south of central Auckland, it serves as a key hub for the Franklin District.

Pukekohe’s fertile soil and favorable climate make it a major center for horticulture, particularly known for its production of vegetables, such as potatoes and onions. The town celebrates its farming roots with events like the annual Pukekohe Show.

The Pukekohe Park Raceway is a prominent feature, attracting motorsport enthusiasts for car and horse racing events. This venue adds a lively and dynamic aspect to the town’s character.

The town center offers a blend of modern amenities, including shopping centers, cafes, and restaurants, while maintaining a friendly, small-town atmosphere. Pukekohe’s growth has seen an influx of new housing developments, enhancing its appeal as a suburban residential area.

Surrounded by picturesque rural landscapes and with easy access to Auckland, Pukekohe combines the best of both worlds—rural charm and urban convenience. It’s an attractive destination for those seeking a balanced lifestyle with community spirit and proximity to the big city.

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