Nga Waahanga o naianei



We are seeking an experienced General Practitioners to join our team and to be part of our community vibe to improve health outcomes. The role is full time, at least eight sessions per week. The experienced clinical team provide excellent support, and regular training is encouraged and supported.

The ideal candidate would be easy going and friendly, able to build rapport with patients and a good team member who is confident and calm in emergency situations. Your skills and contribution will be valued in Kaitaia; General Practitioners and their families are welcomed into the community.

We appreciate what it takes to come to the Far North, here are some indicators that may appeal to you:

  • $200K plus, negotiable
  • 6 weeks annual leave
  • 2 weeks CME
  • Fully Furnished Accommodation
  • Bonuses


Our practice offers effective and accessible primary health care to the far North, focusing on the high needs Māori community. In addition to the general practice services, the practice has adopted a multi-disciplinary approach, as part of its move towards a one-stop-shop for health care. We have two clinics near to beachside locations.

Our Doctors can focus on excellent patient care with 20-minute patient consultations, innovative workflows, and systems where administration is minimised and supported by non-clinical staff


Kaitaia is the northern most town in New Zealand, and one of the nation’s oldest. Locals are proud of the rich, multicultural heritage, and visitors are pleasantly surprised by the range of adventure and sights to see in the area. The beautiful coastlines are a must see in your journey to New Zealand.

The word Kaitaia means ‘abundance of food’, in Māori, reflecting the prolific birdlife in the region’s ancient kauri forests -as well as a plentiful supply of fish and shellfish. Kaitaia is the second largest commercial centre in Northland and a busy farming town. Tourism is also an important industry, and many craftspeople live in and around the district.

The nearest city is Whangarei, 200 kilometres south. New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland, is a 5-hour drive south. Kaitaia has its own airport and there is a daily express bus service to and from Auckland.

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