Strategic Planning Day in Photos



That’s a wrap for our Strategic Planning Day, and what a couple of days it was!

On Day 1, it was fantastic to see individuals coming from different parts of the country, and their different chapters to join as one voice. A huge thank you to those who travelled to take part in person, and those who joined online – as the name suggests, we are all in this together.

Day 2 saw our Senior Management, HT Board, HT Council and Te Rōpū Ārahi coming together to formulate the result of all the previous days input and knowledge shared.

A big thank you must go to our guest speakers, and our facilitator Chris Mules. We appreciate the time you all took to be a part of this important event in our organisation’s direction.

Thank you also to our sponsor Indici, who’s support in funding this event we are extremely grateful for.

See below for the key stages coming up in our strategic planning process.

    • Version 1 presented to Council and Board Meetings – 20 April 2023
    • Board Review Version 2 – 18 May 2023
    • Council Approve Final Strategic Plan – 1 June 2023
    • Strategic Plan Adopted – 1 July 2023