A Year of the Rural Health Careers Promotion Programme 

2022 has been a fruitful year for the Rural Health Careers Promotion Programme. The programme is part of the answer to the rural health workforce crisis, and by promoting rural health careers to students all over rural Aotearoa we have seen a real growth in interest in those careers. In fact, 45.2% of secondary students surveyed said that the programme had encouraged them to pursue a health career.

When we consider the number of schools visited, 94 schools in 15 regions and three noho marae experiences, the reach of the programme has been great and the impact it has made on students valuable.

Tertiary students studying 20 different health disciplines over 11 different tertiary institutions engaged with rural secondary students, as well as visiting over 20 rural medical practices. With more than 300 tertiary students applying for the opportunity to take part in the Rural Health Careers Promotion Programme, it’s clear to see the value the programme offers tertiary medical students, who not only want to give back to their own rural communities but are also keen to look at the rural towns they could work for after graduation.

Looking to 2023, we are excited to continue the work of promoting rural health careers and inspiring future generations of rural health professionals.