Hauora Taiwhenua and New Zealand Nurses Organisation: Pay Equity Webinar

Last year NZNO succeeded in a pay equity claim against Te Whatu Ora to raise the pay rates of nurses, based on gender discrimination, to the same rates as those professions that have similar responsibilities, but are male dominated. Those increases were then passed on to the nurses employed by Te Whatu Ora through payments by the Government to fund those increases.

Late last year NZNO lodged a pay equity claim against a group of named primary care and urgent care practices as a means to ensure all nurses carrying out equivalent duties, whoever their employer, gets paid a similar amount across New Zealand. There is currently a lack of clear information about what this equity claim will mean, who will be included, what the process will be and what the financial implications will be if it succeeds.

Glenda Alexander from NZNO, who is leading the pay equity claim, presented on this topic and answered questions and concerns that resulted.