Health in every Rural Home

Health in Every Home is a collaboration of Hauora Taiwhenua and Kinetik Wellbeing, a renowned provider of home use medical devices.  Kinetik Wellbeing specialises in affordable, quality devices for monitoring and managing personal health from home. All devises are clinically validated to the highest standards by the British and Irish Hypertension Society and the European Society of Hypertension and are also endorsed by Hato Hone St John.  Kinetik Wellbeing believe that everyone should have access to technology that helps them to stay healthy and we strive for healthy and thriving rural communities.

Being able to partner with Kinetik Wellbeing gives us the opportunity to give more to our rural communities. All profits generated will go to donating medical devices to disadvantaged people in rural communities.

Dr Fiona Bolden
Chair, Hauora Taiwhenua Rural Health Network